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Rolling out KYT to your team
Rolling out KYT to your team

How to best introduce + announce KYT to your team for the first time.

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Wahoo! πŸŽ‰ We're I that you're ready to roll out Know Your Team to your entire team. After you roll out KYT to your team, they are going to benefit almost immediately, and I can't wait for you to see the difference. :-)

Like any initiative, though, Know Your Team will be best received if it is thoughtfully announced and rolled-out in the team. Turn it on without saying anything, and well, you can only imagine how annoyed or burdened your team might feel πŸ˜‰

As a result, below are some proven practices for you to ensure you have a successful kick-off of KYT...

Here are our recommendations for announcing KYT to your team:

  1. When you go to invite your team, customize the welcome message. The managers we've worked with who've seen the greatest success with KYT will do this. They'll write a few lines of why they decided to use KYT – or even make a few small edits that include the team's name in the email. The more personal the note, the more folks will understand this is a genuine effort, and not just a random app you signed up for.

  2. In addition to the customized welcome message, we highly recommend that you also make a separate announcement via video, team intranet, or in a team meeting. This will help people see that KYT is moreso of an initiative – an honest effort to invest in helping everyone work better together – rather than just another app. And it gives folks an opportunity to ask questions. You might be wondering, "How can frame things to folks on my team who might be skeptical or resistant to something like KYT?" Naturally, anytime something new is introduced, people will react with initial skepticism. So be prepared for that. To reduce this skepticism, you may want to try several things:

  3. Be vulnerable in your personal statement. Share that you wanted to try KYT because you don't feel like you've been the best leader – and you want to get better. Vulnerability signals authenticity. Your team will be more inclined to want to participate in KYT if they feel that authenticity.

  4. Do NOT make KYT mandatory. When you make something required, our instinctual reaction as humans is to not want to do it. As a result, emphasize to your team that KYT is opt-in and that people will not be penalized for not responding.

Not sure exactly what to say in your personal announcement of KYT?

Here are a few examples...

"I want to become the best leader possible for you – and truth be told, I need all the help I can get. I'd love to become better. As a result, I wanted to use an app called Know Your Team to help me – and help all of us – feel more connected and work better together."

"With us now all working remotely, I wanted to invest more in helping all of us feel connected... But in a way that would be fun and non-intrusive as possible. As a result, I wanted to use an app called Know Your Team."

"I haven't done the best job as a leader focusing on how to help the team feel more unified and transparent. As a result, I wanted to use an app called Know Your Team that will help all of us feel more connected and work better together."

Last tips

Here are some small logistical things to make sure your account is all ready to go:

  1. You'll want to make sure the Icebreakers in your account are turned on. These are questions around "Fun Facts" and "Work Preferences" that help everyone get to know each other that will get sent out when you add folks to Know Your Team. Icebreakers are a huge hit in our teams and is a fun and thoughtful way to kick-off KYT. You may also want to take a peek at the Icebreaker questions ahead of time to ensure they fit your team's culture and make sure you answer your Icebreaker, yourself.

  2. If you use Slack or MS Teams in your team, you'll want to ensure you have our Slack integration or MS Teams integration turned on. This makes using KYT to be part of your natural workflow and will enable your team to participate in KYT more easily. (If you don't use either, then no need to worry about this.)

  3. You'll want to make sure you have the tools turned on/off that you'd like your team to benefit from. You can change these tools at any time here. For example, many managers start with using our One-on-Ones Tool and Social Question – and then they turn on our Heartbeat Check-in and Culture Questions after a few weeks.

All set to roll-out KYT now?

Go here to invite your team to KYT. Very excited to have everyone benefit from it! πŸ˜€

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