Your team has already filled out the "Fun Facts" section of the Icebreakers. (Yay!)

Now, you'd love to kick off the "Work Preferences Survey" πŸ˜€

Here's exactly how to turn on the Work Preferences Survey in your Icebreakers...

#1: Turn on the Work Preferences Survey

First, you'll want to turn on the Work Preferences Survey in your Icebreakers. To do this, you'll want to go to the Icebreakers page and click "Customize questions":

Then, you'll scroll down to where the "Work Preferences" survey exists – and flip the toggle so "Work Preferences" is turned ON:

When you do this, don't worry: Nothing will be sent to your team members until you invite them to answer. Right now, you're just activating the survey so it's on πŸ‘

#2: Review + customize your Work Preferences Survey questions

You'll want to review + edit your Work Preferences Survey questions to be best suited for you and your team. Feel free to adjust, delete, or write your own questions as well:

#3: Answer the Work Preferences Survey, yourself

We recommend answering the Work Preferences Survey, yourself, first to show your team that it's something that you'll be actively participating in. Plus, it's fun for them to get to know you a little better πŸ˜€

To answer the Work Preferences Survey yourself, click "View the Icebreaker" and add your answers:

This is what it'll look like when you answer the Work Preferences Survey – and it'll look exactly the same for your team members as well:

#4: Send the Work Preferences Survey for your team to answer

To send the Work Preferences Survey out to the rest of your team, you'll want to first go back to the "Icebreakers" page by clicking the tool in the left-hand nav:

Then, you'll want to click on the "..." icon in the top right-hand corner, and select "Invite people to answer Icebreaker":

Here, you can invite your team to answer the Work Preferences Survey. You'll want to select all the team members who you'd like to receive it:

Then, you'll want to make sure the message that's sent explaining the Work Preferences Survey is in place. To do this, select from the templates, "Work preferences" and we'll automatically have your message be about the Work Preferences Survey 🎩:

Then, click "Send" and your that's it! 🎊

Voila! You're all set πŸ‘

Your Icebreakers have been sent. You can visit "Icebreakers" or the "Home" page to start to see answers rolling in the next few days:

Ready to try the Work Preferences Survey with your own team?

  • Go straight to your Icebreakers in KYT to turn on the Work Preferences Survey.

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